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Mindful Moment Education & Consulting offers mindfulness instruction to adults and can tailor course offerings to meet specific needs; for example, mindful parenting, work-life balance and stress reduction in general.

All courses are primarily experiential. With regular practice we become more aware, more often.

Adult courses are designed to enable participants to:

  • Heighten awareness of whatever may be causing difficulties with a cordial attitude;
  • Step out of the habitual mode of ruminating the past or anticipating the future with relative ease;
  • Discern and make wholesome choices with a widened perspective;
  • Be comfortable with more “being” and less “doing”.


The classic eight-week MBSR course was originally conceived in the 1970s by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the United States. Although originally developed for Americans with various chronic health conditions, MBSR has been refined and adapted over the years by mindfulness practitioners to cater to a general audience as well as people with specific issues (for example, cancer, pain, eating disorder and depression).

In this course students will:

• Learn what mindfulness is and how they can apply it to reduce stress;

• Understand what stress is and how it can affect them physically, mentally and emotionally;

• Learn simple meditation and mindful movement techniques;

• Acquire a new perspective towards befriending themselves, their body sensations, thoughts and emotions; and

• Explore ways to relate to themselves and others to feel more connected and fulfilled.

Each of the eight sessions will move between didactic and experiential learning including meditation and movement. Home practices, a core component of the course, are set at the end of each session.


Awakening Joy is composed of ten themes which are distinct yet interwoven. Each is designed to elicit a wholesome mind state and together the ten topics work to tap into our inner resources and cultivate our capacity for joy. This beautifully sequenced programme is accessible to anyone interested in inclining their mind towards happiness, developing healthier habits and beliefs and strengthening their awareness.

This course is developed by mindfulness teacher James Baraz who also co-authored the books Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness and Awakening Joy for Kids.