Mindful Moment Education & Consulting provides mindfulness based training to adults and children. Courses and workshops can be tailored to suit individuals, small or larger groups.

Examples include introductory mindfulness workshops and more in-depth multi-week courses such as MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) for adults and Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)’s courses for children and youth. Movement based on yoga is incorporated for students to experience the embodiment of mindfulness.

The focus of instruction can be designed to address particular topics such as academic pressure, interpersonal relationships, parenting concerns or stress reduction in general.


Mindfulness is more than being aware.

It is about relating to our experience,

be it positive, negative or neutral from a place of care and kindness.

The attitude we bring makes all the difference.

When we live mindfully, we are interested in finding out what’s happening to us here and now. With practice we gradually develop the capacity to step out of our default mode of reactivity and respond skillfully to whatever is here.

By being able to see our own conditioned tendencies more clearly, we can discern what we wish to modify, thereby living more freely and purposefully.


Our digital age propels us down a fast-paced lane where we are compelled to conduct our lives in cyberspace and nano seconds, multi-tasking, reacting instantaneously to messages that bombard us from all directions, and seeking immediate response. Depleted of time for pause and space for reflection, we become easily agitated, argumentative, impatient and tired.

While mindfulness is not a panacea, regular practice can help us cultivate our capacity to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life;
  • Make conscious and wholesome choices;
  • Notice the good;
  • Appreciate our shared humanity and cultivate compassion; and
  • Feel happier.